So presumably you’ve read Part you and I’ve got your blog created, your content strategy in place and you’re ready to drive some serious traffic to your site.
And we’re going to use one of the “oldest tricks in the book” to drive that serious traffic.
Why Article Marketing?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to article marketing.
It’s pretty much exactly what it says in the tin.
You market yourself and your site with articles and it’s a damn effective way to welcome new business through your doors as a well-written article earns you instant trust and respect.
TVisitors that arrive and read an article are three times more likely to subscribe to your mailing list (if your article is half decent anyway).
hey like what they see, they want more. It’s natural for them to fling their email address at you. It’s effective but only if the article is of quality.
Now, you might be sitting there thinking “it’s a shame I can’t write as otherwise I’d do this” but don’t worry… Even if you’re a terrible writer that will struggle to compose your resignation letter when that day comes, article marketing is STILL for you.
You’ve been handed 10 high quality PLR articles so you don’t need to start creating content that razzles and dazzles from scratch – the hard work has already been done for you.
Making money online is ALWAYS about working smarter and not harder. There’s rarely a good reason to sit down at your PC and write until your fingers bleed. At least not in my world anyway.
There’s no truly easy way but my ways are easier than most and I’ve managed to get article marketing down to a science – it looks a little like this.
Article Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell
Grab the article
Find some red-hot keywords
Locate similar content
Rewrite the content
Create a killer author-bio
Distribute to achieve mountains of traffic
Automate as many of these processes as possible
If you’re confused by any of the above and think I’m speaking French then fear not, I’m about to break this down.
Grab the Article
Find the PLR article you want to use. Say, I’m interested in marketing the book “Blogging Ultimatum” Any will do.
I’ve chosen an article called Blogging to the Bank: Powerful Social Media Platform for example purposes.
Find some Red-Hot Keywords
As it stands right now, my article is a bit “keyword poor” which isn’t good as for SEO purposes and more importantly, article marketing purposes, I want it to be “keyword rich”.

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I like the Affiliate Rewarder

Why does Affiliate Rewarder more than DOUBLE your sales?
There are several key points that factor into the equation.
1. The Psychological Aspect of Winning!
Be it a Political Party, Be it a Game/Sport, or Be it a Student or be it a Family person….Every one has a drive to Win in his or her respective fields…and the Joy of winning is tremendous, unexplainable, and a Glory which he or she would like to share with all…….the Pride and Glory cannot be explained…..Imagine how proud, not only the winner feels, but also the approval from friends and family……this shows, that if one aims to achieve something and concentrates on it without diverting their minds, they are sure to achieve their Goal.
2. The Visual Representation Of Wealth!
Everyone Loves Prizes! In truth, and we as publishers know this (and so should you!) prizes are only a different showcase for money. Practically speaking you could just offer money prizes and have the same contest in essence. However that would be a HUGE MISTAKE… Why? Because people need to know what the money is worth.. they need to associate in their mind money with items they like to have or are in demand right now! Iphones, Cars, Motorcycles, Cruises on the Caribbean… in essence money.. but oh so MUCH MORE as prizes!
3. The Transparency Of The Contest
Up to this very day contests have been run manually behind closed doors… and affiliates have been notified by E-mail with numbers and rankings handwritten by some “worker”. Apart from human errors, a lot of shady stuff could have happened.. you know how it is within circles of friends… the contest holder’s best friends and business partners participate too obviously… shaving your sales or inflating another close affiliate’s sales in order to make him win and split the prize with the publisher… it`s a mafia.. but NO MORE.
Since with the Affiliate Rewarder you will display data in real time and the software comes from us, a trusted 3rd party partner approved by ClickBank and known for its integrity.. people will trust your contest and know it’s 100% honest and transparent… and everyone who participates will give MAXIMUM effort!
Manual E-mail Contests SUCK! … and belong to the stone age!
Creating a contest always used to be a pain. You had to extract the sales figures manually, write leaderboard letters.. and rewrite them with every E-mail you send to your affiliates… With so many things to do during the launch or creation of a new product most people just drop the idea of creating a contest and miss out on the opportunity to increase the sales significantly.
Or they do a launch and have next to no benefit since affiliates are very suspicious about what is not fully transparent. Would you go out of your way and try to perform your best when somebody just tells you over a simple E-mail that you are 5 sales behind that Iphone 4… instead of showing you a real time leaderboard to back up the challenge?
Remember, the key to success is that your relationship with your affiliates is strong.. and without doubt.

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How Would You Like This ???

cube 2
Cube #1 (300×250)

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Go Ahead – WoW ME !

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