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5 Basic Tools For Super Affiliates


So presumably you’ve read Part you and I’ve got your blog created, your content strategy in place and you’re ready to drive some serious traffic to your site.
And we’re going to use one of the “oldest tricks in the book” to drive that serious traffic.
Why Article Marketing?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to article marketing.
It’s pretty much exactly what it says in the tin.
You market yourself and your site with articles and it’s a damn effective way to welcome new business through your doors as a well-written article earns you instant trust and respect.
TVisitors that arrive and read an article are three times more likely to subscribe to your mailing list (if your article is half decent anyway).
hey like what they see, they want more. It’s natural for them to fling their email address at you. It’s effective but only if the article is of quality.
Now, you might be sitting there thinking “it’s a shame I can’t write as otherwise I’d do this” but don’t worry… Even if you’re a terrible writer that will struggle to compose your resignation letter when that day comes, article marketing is STILL for you.
You’ve been handed 10 high quality PLR articles so you don’t need to start creating content that razzles and dazzles from scratch – the hard work has already been done for you.
Making money online is ALWAYS about working smarter and not harder. There’s rarely a good reason to sit down at your PC and write until your fingers bleed. At least not in my world anyway.
There’s no truly easy way but my ways are easier than most and I’ve managed to get article marketing down to a science – it looks a little like this.
Article Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell

Grab the article
Find some red-hot keywords
Locate similar content
Rewrite the content
Create a killer author-bio
Distribute to achieve mountains of traffic
Automate as many of these processes as possible
If you’re confused by any of the above and think I’m speaking French then fear not, I’m about to break this down.

Grab the Article
Find the PLR article you want to use. Say, I’m interested in marketing the book “Blogging Ultimatum” Any will do.
I’ve chosen an article called Blogging to the Bank: Powerful Social Media Platform for example purposes.
Find some Red-Hot Keywords
As it stands right now, my article is a bit “keyword poor” which isn’t good as for SEO purposes and more importantly, article marketing purposes, I want it to be “keyword rich”.

5 Basic Tools For Super Affiliates

By Unknown

In order to run any type of business, you need to use some elementary tools. Taking advantage of each tool may skyrocket your profits and make you successful in your field. In the affiliate marketing business, the top money makers know this fact, as well. Therefore, the super affiliates are able to earn over $1000 per day using some basic tools.

Actually, you can find tons of crucial tools that any affiliate marketer should use for great results. But, once categorized, there are only 5 basic tools for super affiliates:

1. A Comprehensive Research Tool :

Doing a deep research in the market you are going to work will help you understand the demands and supplies better and will make it easier for your next steps. This is the first tool that each super affiliate should use carefully and properly. Some Internet marketers believe that by performing a correct and comprehensive research, you have done 70-80% of the whole job. Whether you use free or paid tools, make sure to analyze your research well. That’s why most of super affiliates prefer to use the paid tools to get the best results.

2. Your Own Website :

Having your own place on the web will make it easier for you to market the affiliate websites. It makes your business more powerful, flexible and professional. You can start creating your own free web pages and blogs, but it is highly recommended to get your own dot com website in order to gain more success.

3. A powerful Autoresponder :

Have you heard “The Money Is In The List.”? A super affiliate may earn thousands of dollars just by sending one promotional e-mail to their contact list. Even if you are the king of list building and know exactly what to do in e-mail marketing, you still need a powerful tool called autoresponder for gaining the best results. Also, bear in mind that some free or cheap autoresponders will cost you more in a long-term period. So, go and get a good one!

4. Effective Traffic Generation Tool :

When I am talking about traffic generation tools, I don’t mean any kind of tools that will only bring you traffic or hits. I mean one or more effective traffic generation methods which bring high quality visitors to your websites. That method could be search engine optimization, ppc marketing, article marketing, ezine advertising and so on. You have to select your methods, focus on them and improve your business through those methods.

5. A Reliable Tracking Tool :

If you don’t know where your visitors have come from, you will waste your time, money and efforts. You should track your traffic and analyze the various channels that bring you the visitors. By discovering those sources, you are able to figure out how to improve those sources and increase your profits. In addition, you will find out which channels don’t work for your business and avoid spending your time, money and efforts on them. Again, it is recommended to use a reliable tracking tool for great results.

The above-mentioned tools are the most important and elementary tools for any super affiliate to succeed online. Of course, you can get started with a few of them and then improve your tools once you make profits. Besides, you may find some reliable resources on the Internet which may offer you all of those tools in one place for a very cost-effective membership fee. Some of them may give you the needed guides, tutorials and training, as well. That´s why many super affiliates are the loyal members of some reliable affiliate training programs and make huge sums of money day by day.

Looking For a Reliable Affiliate Training Program? Before Joining any of Them, Make Sure to Find Out the Top Affiliate Training Programs On the Internet, Right Away!

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Top 3 Email Marketing Techniques

Top 3 Email Marketing Techniques

As the technology is improving every single day, so is the Internet world. Numerous websites are coming up every day, for various purposes increasing competition in almost every aspect of life. Majority of the businesses in world, certainly have their online branch, that’s getting them profits, helping them grow their business.

Those websites are turning out to be profitable, for the business owners, as they follow certain techniques to approach their clients and attract traffic. Among all the applied techniques, email marketing is known as the finest one. Email marketing techniques must be carefully prepared, reviewed and only then it should be implemented.

So, if you have the desire to launch a profitable email campaign, then follow the three below points and you shall be have prosperous fruits of it.

Target Market

Knowing the specific target market is a must. If the target market is well known, then fetching desired results wouldn’t be a big deal for you.

Try to research about the people, whom you want to send the emails for attracting the traffic your website.

Having knowledge about the kind of customers is an excellent technique, without which reaching the goals is next-to-impossible.

If the business owner is unaware of his target market, then there are possibilities, he might reach wrong people, through his email campaign and ultimately end up in a failed venture.

Interesting Email

For better results, it is absolutely important that the email body is interesting and worth-reading for the readers.

Initial sentence of email should be eye catching, as it could be the key factor, which can make the customer read your email with enthusiasm.

Try to tell your customers, how good you company is and what major benefits he can get when opts for your service/products.

It is human psychology that people get attracted to things that are available on discount; so if you can, try to provide them with a discount.

Importance of Subject Line

Behold the fact, that subject line is a factor, which cannot be neglected under any circumstances. Even though the entire email may have quality content, that can attract anybody, but if the subject line is boring, nobody will take the pain to open the email and read it. So make sure, a glittering subject line is included, to get the maximum profits for your company.

The above 3 are the top email marketing techniques that almost guarantee success if they are implemented in the best way.

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Dating Techniques to Get Your Dream Girl

Are you facing problems in dating your dream girl? Then this article can surely help you out, as there are some tips in it, which can get you some memorable moments with your sweetheart. Get ready for ride filled with all the, effective techniques of dating and how to get her arm in your arm.


Arrogance is the key that can get any girl’s attention. So, in the initial stages be rude, to get yourself noticed. Even though every girl has the desire to get praises from guys, but if they get a little bit of attitude from you, it might work out really good for you.

Make the girls feel, that life is not limited only to them, but other things are also count in your living, as this can make them feel insecure, which can be highly successful. These tips can be remarkable, if they are implied in the exact way and getting your dream girl for a date becomes very easy.

Creating Some Drama

First show interest and attraction towards girls, then start maintaining distance. This could possibly make them puzzled and they would definitely give a second thought on your unusual behavior, which may result in making a dream date possible In the mean while, do not interact with other girls because this can make them feel, that you are not interested anymore. Be reserve in your place, do your work calmly and we can ensure an approach by her very soon.

Psychological Game

Play a psychological game with the girl you want to date.

Know her psychology and apply the tactics according to it, as this can bring your darling in your arms.

Be there when she needs you and this can create a special place for you in her heart.

Act to her mentality, but never lose your dignity.


Mostly girls like to be praised and this can be no different with your dream girl too. If you really have the zeal to take her on dream date, then learn how to praise and get the ideas of sweet talks to girls. These strategies can give definitely bring the desired girl to you. But if you want to maintain a long term relationship, then do as you promise.After reviewing the points in article, we can conclude that if anybody has a strong desire for a girl, then it all boils down doing the right, at the right time!
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